A BIG THANK YOU TO THE PUPILS AND STAFF of the Christian Family College with their help to restore the burnt area at the bottom of Fisherman's Drive for Arbor Day.

Arial Pictures taken of the burnt area before the repair operation. Yet again, the fire Department was quick to respond and saved a vast area from being destroyed.

Thank you Ian McCutcheon for these photos. We are hoping to monitor the progress of the area by using arial pics from time to time.










Mark and Jenny organizing plants and tools; pupils at Kinderstrand; At take-off point; Receiving introduction.






Natural recovery after the fire; All looking forward to some nice dirty work; A quick lecture from Jenny... while the teachers take a break in the sun.






Right, guys. Do a GOOD job now; The plants arrive on foot; Now, who will do what?; I should have worn my wellies!






Shosholoza.....; Team work; Hey' this is fun!!!; I'VE GOTTIT!






Hey! Come help dig!; 'Love playing in the dirt; Stop making jokes! This is serious work!; I think it's lunch-time....

Thank you to Jenny, Gill, Ian and others for all the photographs.

Thank you, Karel, for growing and donating the plants.

Everyone, including me, had a wonderful fun-filled morning, especially the pupils who laughed and joked throughout. Bet you all it was MUCH nicer than sitting in a classroom!

We will be monitoring the progress of the recovery and post updates on this page.

This one WILL grow; This is FUN!!!!!!





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